• Address: 3115 Shenandoah Avenue, NW, Roanoke, Virginia

  • Date: July 14, 2017

  • Time: 10:00 am at 3115 Shenandoah Ave, NW, Roanoke, VA

  • What: Road Tractors, Trailers, Bucket Truck, Heavy Equipment, etc.

  • Previews: July 7, July 8 and July 13 | 10am to 5pm



Online Bidding begins on July 5th at 9:00 a.m.

Click below to pre-register for the Auction if you will physically be at the sale or click Online Bidding to bid remotely.


Sale Items!

Bull Dozer • Fork Lift • Bucket Truck • Box Truck • Lawn Mower • Scissor Lift • Road Tractors • Trailers • Car Lifts • Brake Lathe • Battery Charger, Testers •  Parts Washers • Skid Steer attachments • Commercial and Residential Paint Sprayers • Shop Tools, Walk behind bush hog, and much, much more...

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1.  REGISTRATION:   Bids accepted only from registered bidders only.  Please bring your driver’s license for identification.  Registration will begin the day before the Auction at the scheduled Preview and also the morning of the Auction at 8:15 a.m.   Receipt of a bid number, implies an understanding of legal obligation to all Terms and Conditions.  
2.  “AS-IS”, “WHERE-IS”:    All Equipment, Vehicles and Tools are being sold  “AS-IS”,  “WHERE-IS”,  with no warranties.   Potential purchasers must perform such independent investigations, with respect to the equipment as they deem necessary.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  There will be no refunds made to the purchasers - for ANY reason.
3.  PAYMENT TERMS:   All items purchased MUST BE PAID IN FULL on Sale Day by Cash, Cashier’s Check, Credit Card or Personal Check.  Anyone who has purchased item(s) at the Auction, is not allowed to leave the lot without paying for items.  We will  accept credit cards and there will be an additional 3% fee that applies for using credit cards.  
4.  VEHICLE TITLES:   Cash, Credit Card or  Cashier’s  Check is required to obtain title and remove vehicles, large equipment or trailers.  A business check is not a substitute for a Cashier’s Check.
5.   DISPUTES:   The Auction Company reserves the right to settle any and all disputes involving bids or sale of Equipment.  Any disputes that require enforcement through Virginia Law and Attorneys are involved, the bidder agrees to pay all Court Costs and Attorney’s fees for the Auction Company and/or the Seller.
6.  ANNOUNCEMENTS AND VERIFICATION:   Announcements made on the day of sale take precedence over all prior released announcements, verbal or written, concerning the sale.    All information  provided by the Auction Company  is  deemed reliable, but not warranted.   No warranty for its accuracy or omissions are  assumed by the Auction Company or the Sellers.  Verification of the information is the responsibility of the purchaser.
7.   REPRESENTATION:  The Auction Company represents the Sellers.
8.   BUYER’S PREMIUM:  There will be a 10% Buyer’s Premium added to the high bid to determine the final Purchase Price.
9.   REMOVAL:  All equipment must be removed by July 20th at 5:00 p.m., unless other arrangements are made.  After July 20th, you must call Anthony Smithers at (540) 420-3501 to schedule an appointment to remove equipment.
10. BID INCREMENTS:   Auction  Company  reserves the right to set  bid  increments and to establish  the bid sequences for the order of the Sale and/or  to change both.
11.  ABSOLUTE AUCTION:  All items will be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the Price.